It was 30 years ago when, little kids then, we bought our first book on Railway Modelling, ‘MarklinBahn + Landschaft’ by Bernd Schmid… I remember our surprise and our expressions on every page of that book. Going to bed with it, waking up with it, in turns of course…, studying every single page over and over. And then… the dreams, the target, the dare. Yes, definitely that book, the Bible as we called it, was the first milestone to what was about to follow.

So we learned that our little trains were only the beginning. We understood that even if we owned the greatest collection of models, it would be only one side of the story; of something much more creative, much more artistic and unique, the Art of Railway Modelling.
We started building layouts one after the other, our model collection increased. We gradually tried on converting and adapting models and ended up constructing from scratch anything that could turn our work to something ‘special’. Through the years we gained experience and now at last we have something to show, we feel able to express our point of view or even give an advice.

We created this site with one thing in mind, the modeller’s point of view. This is why every model we offer, especially if it is secondhand, it is accompanied by at least one photograph; we know you need a good picture of what you may buy. In some models you will find pictures of the real thing. They are a ‘must’ (and are never enough!) when trying to build a kit or to rebuild a made up model. Our services (layout building, servicing locomotives, kit building, paintwork, weathering) are offered to those who ‘would like to’ but have a thousand reasons ‘not to’. And since we must be demanding nowadays, our services and anything that passes our hands is accompanied with a written warranty.

eRail is a commercial site, made though in terms of friendship and good cooperation. We are trying to keep our prices low and we are only an email afar to any question, problem or suggestion on improving our services or this site.

Happy browsing,

Yiannis Hazapis, eRail Team