Time for Brawa!!

Many new arrivals from Brawa!
BR57 their new steam locomotive for 2017 is here and really is fantastic, incomparable with anything we’ve seen before. Full metal, fine spoked wheels, excellent motor and transmision in boiler. Front/rear and cab lights, Original sounds and smoke generator.
We have also brought magnificent K2 wagons of the DRG and also many lights, the full range of phone booths as well as all those little Brawa things that fascinate us 40 years now, from our very early days in railway modelling.

In all, over 150 articles available to chose from:

And service?
Of course! As with all the manufacturers we deal with and can supply spare parts, we offer warranteed service using original spare parts directly from Brawa.
If you have a problem with a Brawa model please send us an email at info@erail.gr, we will be happy to assist.

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